Luke Dringoli
Luke Dringoli
Editor, Social Networks

Umbrella Today?

High-pressure fronts, low-pressure fronts, hurricanes, tornados, wrath of god…it’s too much jargon for me. What I wanna know, what I really wanna know is, do I need an umbrella today? Do you?

Click on the link above and enter your zip code. You will be told simply if you need an umbrella when you leave the house today. The site is a project/marketing initiative from web development firm thoughtbot. Every quarter, thoughtbot takes a different internally developed project and makes it a reality. Umbrella Today isn’t the first project thoughtbot has completed, but it is the first that is accessible to normies like myself—the others being focused in web development and, specifically, Ruby on Rails, the platform that thoughtbot is expert in.


“We’ve seen the traffic to our website triple since Umbrella Today launched [on September 4th]. We’ve seeen a dramatic increase in the number of people contacting us, either specifically about umbrella today or about the work we do,” says thoughtbot founder and CEO Chad Pytel.

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