Luke Dringoli
Luke Dringoli
Editor, Social Networks

Clicks No Longer King

In the ever-changing landscape of the American consumer market, brands are privy to the unique benefits of social networks. Traditional web advertisements were held back by a stagnant form of measurement. However, a new study shows these spaces in a new light — as breeding grounds for consumer interaction and engagement.

The study’s challenge: put old-age online ads in new-wave social networks to see if they perform as well.

The study reveals fallacies in the current click-centric measurement policies. While these social media spots don’t generate as many clicks as their antiquated web brethren, their worth is rather in the ability to reach consumers in an interactive, more personable realm, where ad features are more likely to be utilized.

New metrics measure the amount of time to which a viewer is exposed to an ad, or the attention consumers give a brand message. For example, “completion rate for brand-sponsored videos” gauges how many users actually sit through an entire video. Those on social media platforms returned higher results than those on other forms of online media.

As brands learn more about the nature of web involvement and experiment with it more, they’d benefit from adopting these different measurement models that consider time-exposure and depth of involvement rather than just click-through rates.

For brands hungry for consumer engagement, social media — now truly quantifiable — will prove to be all the more alluring.