Luke Dringoli
Luke Dringoli
Editor, Social Networks

The Evolution of American Demographics

AdAge’s new white paper reveals information likely to come from the 2010 U.S. Census along with its marketing implications. Recognizing that modern culture is growing more and more complex, the study concludes that the “average” American is extinct.

The 32-page report found that the traditional household has transformed. The nuclear family of yesteryear is mostly a memory. In fact, it’s now largely split between married couples without children and single-person homes.

This also means the country is becoming more diverse. In California, Texas, Hawaii, and New Mexico, the traditional majority (white non-Hispanics) is now a minority. Plus, in the ten largest cities, not a single ethnicity accurately describes the majority of the population — a testament to the nation’s great urban areas’ merits as cultural melting pots. But consumers are restless, too. 85% of all population growth occurred in the American South and West over the last decade.

This report show signs that consumers are ever more intricate. Typical target marketing dogma is now invalid. Typical targets like “young white male” or “elderly Hispanic female” are rapidly becoming irrelevant. The meaning to all this? Segment more. Tailor your stories. You can’t slap simple labels on everyone anymore.