Andrea Fjeld
Andrea Fjeld
Associate Editor

Celebrating Movember

Merry Movember! Now even non-Williamsburgers have an excuse to grow a ‘stache. It’s Movember—“Mo” for moustache, “vember” for November. Say what? Men across the globe are spending 30 days growing and grooming their moustaches. And, um, why? To bring awareness of and funding for the cancers that affect men.

But it wasn’t always this way. When it started over beers in Melbourne in 2003, the Aussies simply wanted to bring back the moustache. Then, the founders realized that the mo (Australian slang for moustache) had the potential for good. Inspired by the Pink Ribbon campaign for breast cancer awareness, the gents wanted to do something for a male-only cause. So a year later, it evolved into a fundraising event for men’s health—particularly prostate and testicular cancer. The Mo-movement caught on and spread into a worldwide mission to make men rethink their attitudes toward their own well-being.

Movember USA Intro

It’s too late to sign up this year, but you can contribute by supporting participating friends with donations.

Yes, the ‘stache is sexy. And yes, I know people who’ve been affected by these cancers. But I love this campaign, which has raised over $47 million for many more reasons. Not only is it for a good cause, but it’s also an innovative way to spread the health message. Cause-based campaigns that the public wants to help should be a little fun. And these Mo Bros and Mo Sistas are sure enjoying themselves.

So get your MoJo on—I’ll see at the Gala Partè!