Luke Dringoli
Luke Dringoli
Editor, Social Networks

In Cell Phones We Trust

Rankings released by Brand Keys recently demonstrate that consumers are the most brand-loyal to the thing that they use daily (if not hourly). Yes, the cell phone.

The iPhone, predictably, was king. Samsung- and BlackBerry-made phones came in second and fourth place, respectively. So why are consumers so attached to these brands? Because they’re so attached to the physical phone. Even if they’re not in use, people always have one on them, in their pockets or lost in a purse.

Also on the list was Hyundai. The car company has been successful because owners connected with the offer that if they lost their jobs, they could return their vehicle. It’s good to feel secure. Hyundai proved it’s willing to go the extra mile during these rough economic times, which landed them the #18 position (up from last year’s #108).

But on the other end of things, GM came in dead last, and it can blame its backward-facing marketing strategy for that. By focusing mainly on cost and financing, it fostered a deal-hungry, opportunistic consumer—faithful to no brand in particular.

Trust comes in many forms. If these results are any indication, consumers have faith in the things they engage most often or connect with personally. So take a lesson from this, and engage with consumers. Listen to their concerns. It’s one of the most effective ways to instill a greater sense of loyalty.