Andrea Fjeld
Andrea Fjeld
Associate Editor

The Mags (and Ads) of Google Books

I’m pretty old fashioned when it comes to my books, newspapers, and magazines. Yet despite my marginalia, I’m forever forgetting where that certain line or passage is—right when I want to read it to someone. Enter Google Books. I can certainly see the utility in that! And now it’s added magazines to the lineup. I want to scream “Disconnect!” but I can’t stop reading New York.

Like Google Books, the magazines are also searchable. What’s interesting here is that your search isn’t strictly limited to article content, but ads appear in the results as well. Can’t remember that interesting MoMa gift? Your answer’s four letters and a mouse click away.

While this is a positive move for the interactivity of what was formerly purely static media, perhaps eventually it will go even further. What if the ads were clickable and drove directly to a website or purchase page? How we live now: reinventing advertising one step at a time (psst—we call that post-advertising).

Via ResourceShelf.