Luke Dringoli
Luke Dringoli
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The Three Most Important Words in Advertising

“There is angst in ad land over the complexity of media,” writes Story Worldwide CEO Kirk Cheyfitz in his latest article for the Huffington Post. You can say that again! Luckily, everything that follows this introductory sentence serves to unravel the complexity in this “how-to and how-come piece” about Paid, Owned, and Earned media. There’s been a lot of talk about those three categories lately, and yet, they’re still pretty confusing. What follows is the ultimate demystifier.

Story Worldwide’s own Ryan Saghir recently published his thoughts on this categorical break down. Cheyfitz takes an even more in depth look, and takes the opportunity to revise some previous thinking. As Cheyfitz writes, “it was in vogue for a while to declare that traditional advertising was dead. (I used to say it myself to get attention.) But it’s a silly thing to say. What’s not silly is to understand that TV spots are just one tactic (and a pretty expensive one with decreasing results) among a wide range of paid media–a range that now runs from network prime time spots to paid search to promoted tweets, for example.”

Head over to the Huffington Post to read the full article.

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