Karen Nagy
Karen Nagy
Associate Editor

Partners Project: Behind the Scenes with YouTube Fameballs

Seeing as YouTube recently began the transition from simple distribution of amateur videos to full-on production of professional-quality films, it makes sense that they should include some behind-the-scenes content with the viral stars who have made names for themselves through the video distributor. YouTube will now check in with their most successful users in a short weekly talk show called the Partners Project.

Not that we don’t already know enough about the lives of YouTube celebs such as iJustine and ShayCarl. According to the show’s description, however, the Partners Project “will give you a behind the scenes and intimate look at your favorite YouTube stars who are pioneering this cultural phenomena.” Bravo! YouTube is finally stepping up and taking ownership of their greatest assets. Next stop: profitability. Right?

You can expect a new “Pro Tip” video posted every Tuesday that will share advice about how to become a YouTube sensation from people like iJustine about how to hone your video-making skillz, build a YouTube fan-base, promote your videos, engage your audience etc. Every Thursdays they’ll post a new 8-10 minute interview about various aspects of video production with these same YouTube celebs, like “MysteryGuitarMan” who has 1.6 million subscribers on his channel.

The show is hosted by Shira Lazar, a digital reporter who covers all things viral on her CBSNews.com blog, “On the Scene.” Television producers Next New Networks—no strangers to YouTube success—will distribute the show.

By curating better material and offering insights into this emerging community from the content creators themselves, the Partners Project solidifies YouTube’s efforts in carving out a niche in the media landscape. As Lazar recently told The NY Times “People are creating careers on YouTube. This community needs someone telling their stories.”

What do the folks at home think of YouTube’s content push? Is this a step toward profitability for video purveyor?

Photo credit: Shira Lazar and Damon Berger, Executive Producers