Andrea Fjeld
Andrea Fjeld
Associate Editor

TED Talks the Future of Advertising

TED, the nonprofit “dedicated to ideas worth spreading,” is summoning creatives in the ad world to submit their best digital work of 2010 to its Ads Worth Spreading Challenge. Just as its TEDTalks celebrate ingenuity, intrigue, and intelligence, here a panel of judges hopes to find ads that raise the standards for online creativity and redefine the medium. Inspired yet?

Ronda Carnegie, TED global partnership director, emphasizes that the challenge is “a celebration of great creative…not another awards opportunity.” It focuses on videos between 30 seconds and five minutes but doesn’t exclude other forms that explore new solutions for online advertising. The idea is to initiate a discussion about innovation in advertising and the evolving relationship between consumers and brands. Submissions are due by the 7th of February, and selections will be made by the 23rd.

While the audience is now in the driver’s seat, online marketing can still feel intrusive, making the user feel ambushed. TED seeks online ads as shareable as its talks — the clever, provoking, or simply beautiful campaigns that people truly want to see and then spread across the internet. It wants the ads that run after its programs to be as compelling as the talks themselves…and wants its partners to be better equipped to engage the TED community. It sounds like TED’s talking about the post-advertising age.

Who deserves the honors from TED? What digital campaigns have you spread in the past year?

(via Creativity Online)