Jon Thomas
Jon Thomas
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Mobile Consumers to Brands: Ads Must Inform or Be Ignored

mobile-advertising-features-emarketerA recent survey from Yahoo and The Nielsen Company has revealed information that comes as no surprise to those of us who subscribe to the post-advertising ideal. According to the survey, which polled US mobile internet users, being informative and being relevant are the two most important criteria in advertising on mobile devices.

This information comes in conjunction with findings from Advertising Age and Ipsos Observer that 63% of internet users surveyed ”somewhat and strongly dislike” mobile ads. There’s no doubt that now, more than ever, self-serving advertising is no longer acceptable in any medium.

We have said it before and we’ll say it again: The medium isn’t the message; the message is the message. The brand-consumer relationship is a delicate one, and if your advertising is interruptive or irrelevant it will be fast-forwarded through or clicked out of existence. Consumers only welcome brands into their world that offer content of value, including mobile advertising.

The mobile advertising industry is still very young, but that doesn’t mean it’s not poised to be quite powerful. In fact, Google is now on pace to rake in more than $1 billion in Android advertising revenues in 2012 (source). More recent Nielsen research has shown that iAds, a platform based on content-rich multimedia experiences, are twice as effective as TV ads.

At Story, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Unilever to create one of the first iAds, and it’s proven one thing: No matter what the platform, there are always ways to engage the consumer with useful and entertaining content while still promoting the brand’s story and improving brand awareness. So while many marketers are trying to migrate the traditional interruptive model to the web and mobile, we’ll be focusing on providing consumers with relevant, informative, and entertaining content. We suggest you do too.

What have your experiences with mobile advertising been?

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