Andrea Fjeld
Andrea Fjeld
Associate Editor

Welcome to the Future of Advertising

The post-advertising age is complex. Consumers controlling brands, optimizing search, utilizing paid, earned, and owned media…all aspects can seem pretty confusing. So what’s a poor brand to do? Never fear: Help is on the way!

Our storytellers created The Future of Advertising, a step-by-step video walking you through marketing in the modern era, starting with discovering a brand’s core story (what we call the Story Platform) and creating different narratives based on it. Then, brands must identify their audiences and publish these narratives in relevant spaces, using paid and free media to spread the news. Then, watch its effect and reach increase…while media spend goes down. As the cycle continues, the audience adds their own content, links, comments, and more, all contributing to a brand story that keeps growing and spreading.

Just see how it works below:

Living in the post-advertising age isn’t that difficult if you can find your brand’s story and tell it across the relative channels. With proper audience participation, it can develop into something even greater than itself.

The most exciting part? The future is now…