Jim Boulton
Jim Boulton
Deputy Managing Director

Post-Advertising Survival Guide, Vol. 1: Nudge Marketing

There’s a lot of talk at the moment about nudge marketing, a theory based on behavioral economics. It describes the power of “choice architecture,” the art of arranging seemingly equivalent options so that more people will make one particular choice. This proposition is especially potent for the social web, which Obama’s election team harnessed so well in the campaign to win the White House and which was imitated by the UK’s Tory party in the 2010 election.

This eBook will show how nudge marketing can be applied practically to the social web and how an audience can be moved progressively toward a desired goal. It will demonstrate the importance of valuable, shareable content and the roles of different social networks, channels and tools and how they can join to form a marketing narrative.

While the social web has already transformed virtually all digital behavior and, therefore, all marketing, Story believes that there’s no such thing as “social media marketing” in isolation. Marketing and advertising today are either an integrated effort spanning all media channels or a waste of time and money. So while this eBook deals exclusively with social media, the best results can be achieved only through an integrated process. Our use of the terms “social web” and “social media” in this paper is for convenience. In reality, all web marketing has to be social now, and social media are now mainstream media.

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