Jon Thomas
Jon Thomas
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Post-Advertising Survival Guide Vol 6: Introduction to Search Marketing

Search marketing, both organic and paid, is extremely important to digital marketers that want to increase their presence online. A seemingly endless number of users are out there searching for your brand, products, services, etc., using search engines such as Google and Bing. Because of this, there is a major opportunity for your brand to use search marketing to expand your audience and market share. But the question arises: are you doing everything you can to be found by these search engines?

It’s not enough in today’s competitive landscape to simply have a static brand site. In order to outrank your competitors, you must be committed to steady content and a strong social media presence. Organic and paid search should also be working in lockstep to maximize efficiencies, discover valuable user search habits and inform call-to-action messaging that can be used in content development.

Just as important, search marketing should always be grounded in keyword research. Keyword research should be not a one-off project but something that is done regularly, as users have altered their search behaviors over time, searching for new keyword combinations, longer keyword phrases, etc. This should simply be a core aspect of every content-development initiative your brand takes part in.

In this e-book you’ll learn the steps necessary to create an effective search-marketing strategy that will help your brand rise to the top.


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    Huge deal. It’s like..God! With things changing so much now too, going out and getting a ton of links isn’t always the best way. It’s soooo about doing it naturally these days, which is kinda cool, for peeps doing the right thing.