Online Community ‘Reaches Out’ to Bullied Teens

Responding to a spike in teenage suicides unmatched in previous years, organizations are turning to the Internet to do what they can to help. Wait, but isn’t the Internet the source of the problem? Social networking has become an outlet for bullies to torment their peers in ways that would never have been imagined twenty years ago. Middle schoolers today would probably welcome back the days of “Four-Eyes” and “Metalmouth” all too eagerly if it meant being able to escape the unrelenting onslaught of online harassment.

Social Beach Media: Soggy Origins

I have a long memory that can be short on details. For example, I have this bizarre idea that social media didn’t just APPEAR on the planet in September 2003 or March 2006. For the longest time, I couldn’t imagine why I entertained such an unfounded (and potentially unpopular) theory. Then, a couple weeks ago, I recalled this weird tradition that people have been practicing on a tiny, tropical island in the Caribbean for nearly 40 years. Let me tell you about it:

A long, long time ago—maybe 20-some years—I was wandering the Caribbean in a boat when some friends on St. John directed me to a steep little rock in the British Virgins called Jost van Dyke. “Go to the Soggy Dollar Bar in White Bay,” they said. So I went.