The Truth About Lies

There’s been a lot of hogswallow on the blogs and the eBooks about how social media promotes honesty because people engaging in social media must, must, must be honest, open, transparent and human. I can give you a lot of examples, ranging from folks who rightly advocate honesty as the best policy (like Chris Brogan) to folks who tell you it’s the only approach that will work in social media. There is a myth gaining momentum that the social web possesses a set of antennae that are deadly accurate and can locate liars, phonies and self-promoters without fail.

Who Thinks Advertising Works?

Nancy Hill celebrated her first anniversary as CEO of the 4As (the new name of the recently rebranded American Association of Advertising Agencies) by giving a speech that demonstrates she has trouble making sense of opinion polls and statistics. Not a very good showing for someone who wants to lead the advertising industry into an era when measurement of everything is fundamental.