Luke Dringoli
Luke Dringoli
Editor, Social Networks

Cleaning Up Our Image: The New and Improved Post Advertising

New Age Branding and AdvertisingHere at Post Advertising, we work tirelessly to cover the best and brightest in this bold new era of branding. In order to do this, we gotta look and feel sharp. So we thought it was high time we cleaned up our design a bit and did a little re-branding work of our own. It’s all in the interest of self-improvement (just like all those AM yoga classes that we never miss without an awesome excuse). What do y’all think of the fresh look?

Peep the revamped comments section (no more silly avatars), prettier post previews, new streamlined blogroll (make sure to give Darryl at Brandflakes for Breakfast and Ilya over at AdLab a visit), and overall less cluttered appearance. More changes are on the way!

In the spirit of crowdsourcing, we’re asking YOU, loyal reader (or YOU, new reader dazzled by our fresh duds), to help us on our quest for a more engaging tomorrow. Tell us how we can improve the message. What kind of stories have you been pining for? Is there a design feature you’d like to see us implement or a platform you’d like us to adopt (cough, cough, follow us on Twitter)? You can now submit examples of PA using the link in the right hand column.

You may have also have noticed that your favorite posts from last year are nowhere to be found. Not to worry, we’ll have our full back-catalog back up and running in no time.

Post Advertising, in large part, is built around the active discussion taking place between brands and consumers every day. What’s post-advertising, what’s new-age nonsense and what’s just noise? We’ll do plenty of talking, but we want to hear from you too.