Luke Dringoli
Luke Dringoli
Editor, Social Networks

Find the Stash to Get Your Wings

Red Bull has long soared above the competition with real-world branding experiences—like Flugtag, which every year sends people plummeting into flying over large bodies of water. For its recent campaign, Red Bull abandoned the air for the web in an e-scavenger hunt promo.

The game’s called Red Bull Stash. The brand hid energy shots all over the country for anyone to find. Fans just had to log into the Facebook page for hints on the secret locations. Enthusiastically, winners showed off their prizes online (who knew the beverage got them this worked up?). The final answer came as a series of complex, web-based clues. Clever. As it turns out, Red Bull drinkers are geeks who need caffeine powers to stay up late studying. The genius who solved this (a student named Robert Yarbrough) received a trip to Red Bull BC One, a world-renowned b-boy competition in New York City.

Part adventure, part digital contest, it’s an interesting engagement that bridges the on- and offline worlds and participants get pumped up about the hunt. They don’t just win, they also get a story out of it. Meaning conversations about the brand linger on long after the promotion is over.