Isn’t It About Time Your Brand Adopted a Mobile Strategy?

I received a sobering yet enlightening Facebook message from my aunt two weeks ago. After getting over my shock that she even knew how to use Facebook Messenger (she is not a technophile), I read her message: 

Aunt: Guess what I got today?
Me: What?
Aunt: The iPhone 5
[cue jaw dropping]

I was reading this on my iPhone 3Gs, yet I’m the one who works at a global post-advertising agency. That’s when I knew it: Mobile has reached significant penetration and can’t be ignored by brands.


How Not to Be Creepy When It Comes to Personalized Web Banners

Reason #348 why Zappos is awesome: honesty in advertising! Lately, I’ve seen more members of my social circle raise their eyebrows over hyper-targeted web ads — the kind that give real-estate to a product or product category you may have just been looking at, or a website where you bought something. There’s the creepy and unexplained stuff that feels like it's stalking you, and then there’s Zappos.

Negative Advertisers Face Digital Justice

The story of online glasses retailer has exploded since the New York Times reported on the owner's “negative advertising” scheme. Online complaints about the company's horrendous customer service may have produced great SEO, but now the article has induced Google to actually change their search algorithm. And the owner has been arrested. Turns out there is such a thing as bad press.