Paige Beaumont
Paige Beaumont
Assistant Editor

McDonald’s Spreads the Love through Supersized Games

Pinching pennies and still don’t think you can afford a burger from the Dollar Menu? Then head to Sweden! McDonald’s continues the trend of interactive billboards in Stockholm, entertaining potential customers and rewarding them with free food.

Provided passersby are in the general location of this billboard, they have the chance to control the “Pick n Play” game and win a free goody by put their iPhone gaming skills to the test. Check it out:

The catch? Surprisingly, there isn’t one. It’s just simple entertainment and a tasty reward. Participants can use their iPhones to log on and then, once their location has been registered, it’s game on. If you can last up to 30 seconds in an increasingly difficult game of virtual pong, you receive a coupon for a delicious Mickey Dee’s snack.

This approach supports the company’s image as a playful and fun brand while encouraging everyone – potential and returning customers – to get involved. The beauty of it is that all people in the vicinity have the opportunity to win and this unique experience has the capacity to transfer to word-of-mouth advertising. It’s a great way of activating a traditionally obtrusive and outdated ad model — the billboard.

Are you likely to partake in this type of advertising? Do you think it’s an effective way to generate brand interest?

  • Ahmad Taleb

    I think it’s definitely effective! People were involved in the marketing of the product and were then rewarded for their participation (or in this case winning). It makes people feel “special”!