What’s the ROI in That?

There seems to be no better time of year for brands to empty their pockets and slap their logos everywhere they can in hopes of gaining exposure than the end of the calendar year. Between the New Year’s Eve televised specials, holiday parades, college football bowl games, sponsored parties, Times Square billboards, Super Bowl commercials and more, the in-your-face advertising is literally unavoidable. 

This type of advertising is nothing new. It’s something we’ve lived with for decades and it expands further with each passing year. But the age we live in now, the post-advertising age, has provided audiences with a bit of perspective. The stadium sponsorships, Super Bowl commercials, Times Square billboards—it all seems a little…funny, doesn’t it?   


Attention-Hungry Foursquare Burns Tourist Retinas

Let’s say you're an up-and-coming, much buzzed-about social media platform, looking to increase public awareness of your services. Sounds like some "advertising" is in order, right? Any campaign should necessarily reflect your hyper-connected, forward-thinking approach, right? Alternatively, you could just throw your money at a massive LCD billboard in the middle of Times Square, searing the retinas of lemming tourists, shouting amidst the cacophony. You could do that, if you were Foursquare.