4 Brands Winning Big in Social Media with Surprise and Delight

This past weekend I had the joy of throwing a surprise birthday party for my wife. And by joy I mean massive amounts of stress and that sick feeling in my stomach I get when I have to withhold the truth from my wife (which is infrequent, I swear!).

After I took her out for lunch and a spa treatment, we returned to the house, where the guests were huddling in the rear hallway. When we pulled into the driveway, my wife noticed that one of the trash barrels had been moved to the side porch (to make it easier to clean up after the party). Even though I begged her to take care of it later, she had to put the barrel back in its place. This would mean we’d enter from the side door, not the front door, as had been intended.


TV Can Still Sell Anything. Just Ask Broccoli.

This post might do the unthinkable. It will disprove one point we make on a regular basis here at PostAdvertising.com, while simultaneously proving another. Brace yourselves. The traditional 30-second spot is dead. This is something we've reiterated numerous times over the years. Your audience can see right through it; it can no longer convince them to buy and use whatever product or service you're pushing. However, one particular campaign run on Canadian TV stations miraculously implies otherwise. The "Miracle Food" ad campaign being broadcast on Canadian television is not the product of a supermarket conglomerate or even a band of Canadian farmers. It's being run by the Canadian Bureau of Television.