NERF Geeks, CheapTickets Thrifters Latest to Join the Crowdsourcing Craze

Ever since Doritos debuted its annual do-it-yourself Superbowl campaign, wherein the company outsources its Superbowl advertising to filmmakers vying for a million dollar prize, it seems everyone's getting into the crowdsourcing game. Mountain Dew’s Dewmocracy, and LG’s Design the Future, among others, are getting consumers more involved in company marketing campaigns than ever before. But does crowdsourcing TV and internet spots make more sense for some brands than it does for others? To examine this question we look at niche brands NERF and CheapTickets, two recent bandwagon jumpers looking to bring their faithful followers a bit closer.
Everyone is a PC

Everyone’s a PC

It's not the flashiest, cleverest ad, and it's interruptive and not at all entertaining, but I really like what Crispin Porter + Bogusky is doing with what everyone is calling Phase II of the $300-million Microsoft campaign. No more Jerry Seinfeld. Just a healthy dose of Foucaudian reverse discourse. Roll tape: