Everyone is a PC

Everyone’s a PC

It's not the flashiest, cleverest ad, and it's interruptive and not at all entertaining, but I really like what Crispin Porter + Bogusky is doing with what everyone is calling Phase II of the $300-million Microsoft campaign. No more Jerry Seinfeld. Just a healthy dose of Foucaudian reverse discourse. Roll tape:
Bill Gates Microsoft Ad

Seinfeld Takes Microsoft in a Weird Direction

I like this new direction from Microsoft/agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Bogusky's scam—and it's a good one—is applied tastefully to the Microsoft marketing problem: MS is not as cool as Apple. Unfortunately, the real problem for MS is that Vista is not easy to use, save with much expert help, and MS Office 2007 is basically an insult to IT people and consumers. But with the marketing, I think we're making progress. The Bogusky scam? Humanness. We had the Whopper Freakout scam where BK fanatics freaked out on camera (below). We had the Coke Zero scam where Coca-Cola "employees" (they were actors) approached various lawyers about suing Coke Zero (also below). All good scams. I like this one better.