Microsoft Mojave Experiment

Mojavista, Baby

This week, Microsoft announced The Mojave Experiment—a test of the theory that consumers saw Vista in a negative light only because they saw Vista in a negative light. MS introduced a "new" OS under the name Mojave to a group of 140 users and let them play with it for a while. Later, it was unveiled that Mojave was really Vista. Gotcha, bitch!
Mac vs PC

Mr. Mac vs. Mr. PC: A Real World Showdown Presented in Many Acts

Apple continues its highly successful Mac vs. PC commercial spots with three new pieces on the themes of the "glitchy" Microsoft Vista and on-campus notebook computer sales. These catchy ads—with their ambiguously facial-haired Mac guy and their unambiguous PC dork—have spawned hundreds of YouTube imitators with views adding up to tens of millions, at least. Practically everyone has seen the ads and knows now, through the magic of character and narrative, that Mac is cooler than PC. But has this campaign helped move the needle?