The Comment HuffPost Doesn’t Want You to See

So, some guy named Jarvis Coffin wrote this rather ridiculous post a week ago on Huffington Post titled "Reports of the Death of Advertising Are Exaggerated." (They aren't, by the way.) I was directed to it by a friend, so I read it word for word. Then I dashed off a comment because the web is all about interaction, right? So I interacted.


If Seth Godin Shuts Up, What Would We Miss?

Seth Godin has earned a reputation as a marketing guru who provides both intelligence and buzzwords. It was a disappointment, then, to see him venture recently into unknown (to him) territory with an ill considered and hastily assembled blog post titled “When newspapers are gone, what will you miss?” The post reveals clearly that Seth knows little about journalism—neither the practice of it nor the economics. Truly, no one will miss Seth if he gracefully bows out of the conversation about journalism’s future.