5 Rules for Brands to Avoid Being “Pruned” From Social Profiles

Breaking news: Young people care about their reputation and appearance!

Well, maybe that's not such a hot scoop, but when you add the words online and social media, the ears of brand managers everywhere start to perk up. According to a new study, nearly two thirds of people on social networks are engaging in “profile pruning,” carefully curating their own social profiles by deleting posts, comments, tags and friends. In order to stay in the fertile flower beds of young social-media users, brands must follow their rules to avoid getting pruned. Cue gardening metaphors.


Clicks No Longer King

In the ever-changing landscape of the American consumer market, brands are privy to the unique benefits of social networks. Traditional web advertisements were held back by a stagnant form of measurement. However, a new study shows these spaces in a new light — as breeding grounds for consumer interaction and engagement.