Luke Dringoli
Luke Dringoli
Editor, Social Networks

Coca Cola Spreads the Love

With just a tweet and a Facebook update, Coca Cola began a global, viral push. The campaign is particularly significant because it lacks traditional media promotion.

If you skipped the viewing, this “Happiness Machine” video on YouTube observes a Coke machine that was actually placed in the cafeteria of a Queens, New York, college. It spits out free soda, and the students are all smiles, sharing their drinks with classmates. Then things get weird as the device starts dispensing flowers, pizza, a party sub, and a balloon animal. It’s all part of the brand’s “Open Happiness” initiative. The best part? The reactions are authentic; they aren’t scripted. In short, it’s entertaining and has universal appeal.

Two weeks and more than one million views later, the video’s virality shows another brand becoming successful storytellers.

Build great content and they will come. They’ll even spread the smiles.