Luke Dringoli
Luke Dringoli
Editor, Social Networks

Twitter Roundup

While many media-conscious brands have engaged Twitter in some form, others have stuck to inefficient strategies. Bad Twitter usage—either through mass spamming or one-way messaging—makes any brand look out of touch. Twitter’s real power is sown when it’s used in supporting roles or as a base to amplify consumer-brand relationships. But some are doing it right. Take super-brands like Universal and Coca Cola.
Adweek profiled a number of companies going above and beyond bland Twitter tactics. Universal Pictures began integrating the platform into its web media through in-ad retweet buttons, implying it’s serious about generating genuine conversation. And for Coca Cola’s World Cup campaign, Sapient Interactive created widgets that could be easily shared.

For Valentine’s Day this year, New England Confectionary is using iPhone and web applications to encourage consumers to tweet messages about its Sweetheart candies. Another iPhone application, tvChatter, hopes to integrate Twitter into the TV-watching experience, and NBC got on board to further involve Twitter with its overall media strategy.

If not used with a clear vision and ongoing focus, branding efforts on Twitter may end up as inefficient as old-age models. However, if used correctly, there’s great potential there. So tweep up.