Andrea Fjeld
Andrea Fjeld
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Verizon’s Not So Subtle Jab at AT&T

It’s been running all month but gets fresh comments daily. And the folks at AT&T are probably still smarting — especially since many of those comments come from jubilant owners of brand-new Verizon-enabled iPhones. Not to mention that those of us who switched networks have been feeling pretty ripped off — it seems we’ve crossed over to the dark side, given AT&T’s blackout zones compared to Verizon’s superior coverage. For a while, Verizon played politely in the world of advertising. But this commercial proves: no more Mr. Nice Network! So why kick ‘em when they’re down?

Get it? Sure you do. Because Verizon trumpets its “largest and most reliable network,” and everyone knows AT&T’s service sucks. But because the public has to make that single connection, they feel like they’re in on a private joke. So to prove that they get it, they’re desperate to tell and retell the story. It would seem to be spreading as quickly as Verizon’s network.

Like everyone else, Verizon knew AT&T’s less-than-stellar reputation all along. So when it first adopted the iPhone, getting consumers on board with the new network was easy. But now that the Verizon iPhone has been out there for a little while, it has to work a little harder to nurture engagement and grow its consumer base. The obvious answer? Create great content.

By taking a shot at the competition, Verizon provoked people to talk in the online world with not just an ad, but a story they can’t wait to share — over and over and over again. Get the message?

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