The Post-Advertising Summit marketing conference in New York October 21

Story To Host World’s First Post-Advertising Summit!

After three years of charting the emerging Post-Advertising world right here with you guys, we decided to throw our very own real world event: The Post-Advertising Summit! (March 29th, at New York’s Cult Studios. Details here). In other words, we're throwing a party...and you're all invited!


What Facebook Questions Means for Brands

On March 24th, Facebook rolled out a new version of Questions, allowing brands to directly poll their fans. Questions was launched in beta nearly a year ago and released to users soon thereafter, but its roll out to brands was met with little fanfare. While the reaction to it may have been small in comparison to Facebook layout updateQuestions means far more to brands than meets the eye.

Luxury for the Masses. Even for Granola.

Back in the beginning of 2009, Volkswagen included an addition to the circulation of The Guardian on the theme of luxury. It started out quite delicate, describing luxury as a concept that comes from a combination of craftsmanship and desire. From my daily work as a creative director at Story Worldwide, I found this description suitable. However, when this was later applied to the VW brand, the editors must have meant "luxury for the masses," as the featured cars were all production line models and not, strictly speaking, top-of-the-pyramid vehicles.


How to Tell a New Consumer Brand Story for an Already-Established Brand

So, your client is a known consumer brand that has a NEW story to tell. That’s right, after years of working tirelessly to get out the perfect, authentic brand message, that message has now changed. It’s not because the old message wasn’t great; rather, it’s because the product has changed. In fact, it has improved, and thus the brand’s story also needs to evolve to reach a similar level of brand enlightenment. The trick is figuring out exactly how to tell this new story to the world…