Post-Advertising Summit

Post-Advertising Summit Brings Storytelling to Life

Since 2008, we've been charting the evolving landscape of marketing and discussion the future of advertising at this blog. For the better part of the last decade, Story Worldwide (who keep the lights on here at Post-Advertising) has been helping brands unearth their story and tell it across a wide variety of channels, both on and offline.

Few editorial outlets put these ideas into action, in real life, alongside fellow industry colleagues. But last Thursday, March 29th, we finally brought Post-Advertising readers, Story leaders, storytellers, agencies and brands together to not just write, but actually prove, that the path towards and through the future of marketing is paved with storytelling. More about what unfolded after the jump.


Is Your Antiquated Legal Department a Brand Killer?

Additional reporting by Luke Dringoli and Jon Thomas.

We’ve all seen it before: Marketers create an innovative social media campaign only to have it squashed by the legal department into a bland, lifeless lump of the original idea. Sadly, many archaic legal departments are wary of social media at best and digitally illiterate at worst. Their fear of embracing these tools can be a barrier for brands that want to interact with their audiences in authentic, transparent and engaging ways. But that doesn’t mean brands shouldn’t sacrifice creativity (or throw out their old-school legal department) just yet.


Digital Archaeology Takes Manhattan

This post originally appeared in our June issue of “Live Report from the Future of Marketing,” our monthly Post-Advertising newsletter. Subscribe for free here.

A much buzzed-about event at last year’s Internet Week Europe, Digital Archaeology is now making its US debut at Internet Week New York. Archiving some the most significant websites in history on the machines and adjacent technologies of their respective years, the project makes an interactive museum of our recent past.


Marketers Eye Hispanic Male Demographic

A new study demonstrates something many people have known for a long time: Hispanic men are too important a demographic for marketers to ignore. Afterall, the Hispanic male is the original metrosexual, explains Story's own Chiqui Cartagena in her latest contribution to AdAge's "The Big Tent."

How to Be Popular: Best Practices in Facebooking

Attracting fans with flash is great, but maintaining and supporting a vibrant online community requires deep self-evaluation and a lot of hard work. How will you communicate with your audience? What kind of content do will you give them? How will you inspire conversation?

At Story Worldwide, we’ve managed Facebook accounts for some of the world’s biggest brands, and we’ve figured out a few things along the way.

We're proud to announce that a summary of our strategic learnings is available in our very own "Best Practices for Audience Management Thru Facebook." It's a living, breathing collection of wisdom on the world’s most popular online social network. Check it out after the jump...


Welcome to the Future of Advertising

The post-advertising age is complex. Consumers controlling brands, optimizing search, utilizing paid, earned, and owned media…all aspects can seem pretty confusing. So what’s a poor brand to do? Never fear: Help is on the way!


Goodbye Traditional Press, Hello Plumping Shampoo!

When one brand develops so much authority to publish that its content becomes editorially valuable to another brand, well, there goes traditional media as we know it. Goodbye middleman. Just further proof that all companies are now media companies. The full scoop after the jump.

The Three Most Important Words in Advertising

"There is angst in ad land over the complexity of media," writes Story Worldwide CEO Kirk Cheyfitz in his latest article for the Huffington Post. You can say that again! Luckily, everything that follows this introductory sentence serves to unravel the complexity in this "how-to and how-come piece" about Paid, Owned, and Earned media. There's been a lot of talk about those three categories lately, and yet, they're still pretty confusing. What follows is the ultimate demystifier.

We Give You…The Post-Advertising Newsletter

This morning marked the inaugural issue of Here's The Story, our brand new eNewsletter. This bi-weekly digest will bring you the best and brightest examples of all things Post-Advertising from this very blog and elsewhere. What did you miss in the first issue? Why should you sign up? Answers after the jump...

Hispanic Marketing Snubbed Again

With Advertising Week now in full swing, Story Worldwide's own Chiqui Cartagena gave her thoughts to about the event's treatment of the increasingly important issue of Hispanic marketing. Specifically, she calls out Ad Week for missing the opportunity to lead the discussion on the looming multicultural revolution — a subject they recognize as "a game changer," but to which they still neglect to give serious airtime.