Is Your Antiquated Legal Department a Brand Killer?

Additional reporting by Luke Dringoli and Jon Thomas.

We’ve all seen it before: Marketers create an innovative social media campaign only to have it squashed by the legal department into a bland, lifeless lump of the original idea. Sadly, many archaic legal departments are wary of social media at best and digitally illiterate at worst. Their fear of embracing these tools can be a barrier for brands that want to interact with their audiences in authentic, transparent and engaging ways. But that doesn’t mean brands shouldn’t sacrifice creativity (or throw out their old-school legal department) just yet.


By The Numbers: Social Media and the Super Bowl

Social media rushed the field during this year's Super Bowl ad extravaganza. It was anything but business-as-usual. Folks the globe over are a-chatter about what they saw during the game, and comments were more positive than most anyone anticipated. Let's dive in, shall we?