Post-Advertising Summit

Post-Advertising Summit Brings Storytelling to Life

Since 2008, we've been charting the evolving landscape of marketing and discussion the future of advertising at this blog. For the better part of the last decade, Story Worldwide (who keep the lights on here at Post-Advertising) has been helping brands unearth their story and tell it across a wide variety of channels, both on and offline.

Few editorial outlets put these ideas into action, in real life, alongside fellow industry colleagues. But last Thursday, March 29th, we finally brought Post-Advertising readers, Story leaders, storytellers, agencies and brands together to not just write, but actually prove, that the path towards and through the future of marketing is paved with storytelling. More about what unfolded after the jump.


Partners Project: Behind the Scenes with YouTube Fameballs

Seeing as YouTube recently began the transition from simple distribution of amateur videos to full-on production of professional-quality films, it makes sense that they should include some behind-the-scenes content with the viral stars who have made names for themselves through the video distributor. YouTube will now check in with their most successful users in a short weekly talk show called the Partners Project. Not that we don’t already know enough about the lives of YouTube celebs such as iJustine and ShayCarl. According to the show's description, however, the Partners Project “will give you a behind the scenes and intimate look at your favorite YouTube stars who are pioneering this cultural phenomena.” Bravo! YouTube is finally stepping up and taking ownership of their greatest assets. Next stop: profitability. Right?