Publishers Going Beyond the Printed Word

Print Magazine iPad Apps That Don’t Suck!

Remember when the iPad was set to revolutionize, reinvigorate, and single-handedly save the publishing world? Just a scant four months ago magazines, under the spell of this magical thinking, began importing their rags onto the iPad only to sit back and wait for salvation. Well, as we all know, pasting pre-existing pages into a scrollable touch format hasn’t saved anyone’s keister. But with time, publishers are catching on—the latest round of magazines gone digital offer hope that this industry can regain its footing amid instant publishing and consumer-generated content. We run down our newest favorites after the jump...

The Main Problem with the iPad? Publishers

[NOTE: This post by Story's Kirk Cheyfitz first appeared on the Media page of Huffington Post.] There's been much crowing by traditional publishers about how the iPad will save books and magazines. But the content we've seen so far won't save anything because it fails to re-imagine books and magazines for iPad-like devices.