4 TED Talks All Brand Storytellers Must Watch

TED talks are a gold mine of knowledge. Because the TED website’s topics include not only technology, education and design (TED) but also business, science, activism, health, storytelling and everything in between, one can get lost on the site for days.

A number of these short talks (most are around 20 minutes) revolve around storytelling. While they don’t necessarily address brand storytelling, they do offer insights that a brand could apply to its efforts to engage audiences through its brand story. I’ve gathered four talks I found particularly useful, and I’ve included a brand takeaway for each. Enjoy!

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Three Simple Rules for Successful Email Newsletters

Seth Godin wrote a recent blog post about how, frequently, the relationships between brands and audiences can be out of alignment. Godin coins the perfect brand-consumer relationship as "I want your company to help me, and your company wants to help me. We're both focused on helping the same person." Far too often in media the typical relationship is, according to Godin, "I want to see the shows, you want to interrupt with ads." It's the stuff we call "traditional advertising" — a method of brute force marketing that is being ignored, fast forwarded, and clicked out of existence. This got me thinking about what we provide for readers here at Post Advertising, and in particular what we provide in our newsletter, Live from the Future of Advertising. Each month we work to bring you the best stories from the world of Post Advertising, simply because we know, from our efforts both internally and for our clients, that great content wins. Our story is about creating engaging content across a variety of platforms to reach the audience where they are, and our newsletter is one chapter of that story.