3 Carmakers Embracing Brand Stories

My first car was a gray 1987 Honda Accord LXi hatchback. Well, it was actually a two-toned gray, since I never bothered to get the replacement panels painted after a fender bender (primer gray was close enough).

I bought the car using the money I earned scooping ice cream and washing dishes at Brigham’s restaurant the two years before. It was a stick shift, and since I didn’t know how to drive a stick yet, my mom had to test-drive it as I sat in the passenger seat. I remember that test-drive vividly. Supposedly it had great gas mileage and shifted like butter. I didn’t pay much attention. I was on cloud nine because I knew this would be my car, and I was dreaming of the possibilities.


Volkswagen Test Drives Augmented Reality

Print isn't dead, it's just...evolving, and the most innovative brands are finding new ways to make this old medium pop. Take Volkswagen, for example. The car maker recently transformed a page in a publication into an augmented reality test drive experience. But wait, how do you test drive a magazine?