Can Digital Save Retail?

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My wife and I have a baby on the way. Literally any day now he or she (we don’t know which) could arrive. We’re as excited and terrified as all first-time parents are, fully aware that our lives will utterly change but unaware of exactly how. 

I’ve depended on my wife to lead me through these past nine months. Go to this doctor’s appointment. Paint the nursery. Install this light. However, as a bit of a techie, there were a few things I was excited about, and I was giddy to be given the reigns to buy our first high-end camera.


Best Buy vs. Employee: the YouTube Scuffle Continues

Ah, satire in the age of instant communication. One big box brand doesn't quite get the joke. As good as social media's been for Best Buy (see: @Twelpforce, a continued success), they're fast finding out how real things can get when their internal policies don't line up with their ostensibly progressive, tech-conscious reputation. We're talking about an employee of theirs, who since being pressured into quitting his job over a couple measly, unbranded YouTube videos, has hit back with a new video roasting the retailer in a similarly anonymous fashion. If consumers can control brands these days, then employees can bring them to their knees.

Drink for the Environment: Stella’s Plan to Save Trees

Did you know? Stella Artois was originally brewed as a seasonal beer, a fact it’s toasting during the holidays. In case you haven’t noticed, the spot “Stella Artois was made for Christmas” has been running across your TV screens.

Best Buy’s Holiday Spirit

Best Buy is staying positive about the upcoming holiday season. It's prepped not with a product push or price reductions, but by emphasizing its hands-on customer service. As Ad Age reports, the company launched a number of clever and innovative new media tools to help shoppers this season.