Can Digital Save Retail?

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My wife and I have a baby on the way. Literally any day now he or she (we don’t know which) could arrive. We’re as excited and terrified as all first-time parents are, fully aware that our lives will utterly change but unaware of exactly how. 

I’ve depended on my wife to lead me through these past nine months. Go to this doctor’s appointment. Paint the nursery. Install this light. However, as a bit of a techie, there were a few things I was excited about, and I was giddy to be given the reigns to buy our first high-end camera.


Verizon’s Not So Subtle Jab at AT&T

It's been running all month but gets fresh comments daily. And the folks at AT&T are probably still smarting — especially since many of those comments come from jubilant owners of brand-new Verizon-enabled iPhones. Not to mention that those of us who switched networks have been feeling pretty ripped off — it seems we've crossed over to the dark side, given AT&T's blackout zones compared to Verizon's superior coverage. For a while, Verizon played politely in the world of advertising. But this commercial proves: no more Mr. Nice Network! So why kick 'em when they're down?