Can Digital Save Retail?

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My wife and I have a baby on the way. Literally any day now he or she (we don’t know which) could arrive. We’re as excited and terrified as all first-time parents are, fully aware that our lives will utterly change but unaware of exactly how. 

I’ve depended on my wife to lead me through these past nine months. Go to this doctor’s appointment. Paint the nursery. Install this light. However, as a bit of a techie, there were a few things I was excited about, and I was giddy to be given the reigns to buy our first high-end camera.


When Political Ads Attack, Everyone Loses

With additional reporting by Adam Uhrynowski.

We’re all familiar with mudslinging in political commercials, debates and speeches. In the recent Iowa caucuses, negative advertising was more apparent than ever. But why do America’s leaders spend so much time pointing out the competition’s flaws and defending their political (and personal) histories rather than promoting themselves? Does it even work? What if brands reverted to this tactic? We’ll answer these questions and more after the jump.


Audi’s Efficient Storytelling: Bound to Entertain, Certain to Be Shared

Lightweight, clever and infectious—we’re seeing more and more of these quick-hit post-advertising efforts as of late, wherein a brand takes a backseat to a smart and addictive concept. Exhibit A: Audi, who’ve created the Efficient Films twitter meme to celebrate films and twitter as a brisk storytelling medium. And, oh yeah, Audi's equally efficient new clean diesel powered A3 TDI. Daryl at Brandflakes for Breakfast served up some initial insight about the effort.