Do likes really matter??

Why There’s More to Facebook Pages than ‘Likes’

The most successful brands on Facebook Pages aren't the ones you'd think. If I told you that Coca-Cola’s Facebook Page has an engagement rate of less than one percent, would you believe me? Well, it’s true. After calculating the ratio of Coke’s total Likes to total engagement (“Talking About This”), the Page clocks in at a meager score of 0.7%.

But this is not unusually low for Facebook Pages; in fact, it’s quite average. Most brands are very successful in generating Likes but fail to keep their fans talking. When it comes to real success for a brand on Facebook, in the end, engagement numbers mean a lot more than total Likes—a number that often speaks more to the size of the brand’s media buy and not to the quality of their content. As such, Talking About This is actually a far more valuable metric and tool than total Likes are. Here’s why.


Keeping Celebrities Relevant in Post Ads

It’s the chicken vs. the egg of the ad industry: Does the brand help the ad or does the ad help the brand? What really makes a campaign memorable?  Is it overall concept, humor or catchy jingles? What about celebrities? Following a February 23 study by Starch Advertising Research, it is estimated that magazine ads become 15% more memorable if they involve a celebrity.

Hollywood Dying for Charity

Breaking: Lady Gaga is DEAD. Well, you can still see the raw meat-clad pop star prancing down red carpets, but her twitter account is deceased. Gaga and a slew of other celebrities have disconnected from social media to raise money for Alicia Keys’s charity Keep a Child Alive. A-listers participating include Justin Timberlake, Kim Kardashian, and Serena Williams. But for these media-hungry stars, is there really a life outside the internet?

Not So Gaga For Product Placement

While we’ve seen some brilliantly executed, forward-thinking work this year, a few strategies remain stuck in the ol’ days of advertising. Product placement—usually seen as a very inauthentic tactic—still haunts much of today’s media. Do brands really think it accomplishes much more than ten minutes in the public spotlight? Puh-lease.