Crowdsourced! Eight Ways to Involve Your Most Important Allies

Brand-hatched crowdsourcing is nothing new. But constructive crowdsourcing with usable output? Crowdsourcing that evokes a palpable sense of togetherness? That’s new. Steps being taken by nimble branders like Warby Parker and Betabrand to engage (and we mean really engage) fans and enthrall newcomers will soon become tomorrow’s staples for sourcing success.

Want in on the unique new ways brands can use advanced crowdsourcing to engage followers? Read on. Each of the eight ideas we’ve carefully chosen has the potential to send your engagement numbers through the roof, as long as requests are within reason and rewards are provided.

Controversial Magazine Article Forces Afghanistan Commander's Resignation

Print Media Blows Its Own Big Scoop

Rolling Stone's treatment of their recent profile on General McChrystal, “The Runaway General,” is the latest proof of how hopelessly out of touch print publications are with the online news cycle. A genuinely great piece of investigative journalism, it sent political bloggers and 24-hour news networks into a tizzy when it broke Tuesday morning. Problem is, the story, which also incited the ire of the president and led to the dismissal of the Afghanistan commander, was nowhere to be found on RS’s website, It wasn’t until nearly midday, and after Politco went so far as to post an illicit PDF scan of the article to quell demand, that RS officially posted the piece. A matter of only a couple hours, the delay was the difference between owning the conversation (not to mention the traffic) and relinquishing their own monster buzz.