Occupy Wall Street, Defining Your Brand, and Storytelling

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As the Occupy Wall Street movement starting to fade with the public still confused as to exactly what their story exactly was, many lessons can be learned from their efforts to change the world and why their movement never really gained traction. Could it have been because they were letting others define who they were and what their message was?

Kirk Cheyfitz - Story Worldwide CEO

Darkness in Tokyo, China’s Capitalism, and Global Economics

Story Worldwide CEO Kirk Cheyfitz is one of few Americans who boarded an American Airlines flight headed to Tokyo on March 13th, 2011, just two days after the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami struck off the northeastern shore of Japan. At Post Advertising we have already chronicled the efforts of Google Crisis Response and Quakebook in Japan. Now, in this six minute interview with Small Business Expert Jim Blasingame, Kirk gives a first-hand account of his experience only 150 miles from ground zero and the changes he saw to this resilient nation.