Don’t Let a Botched Facebook IPO Fool You

Story CEO and Chief Editorial Officer Kirk Cheyfitz isn't ashamed to disclose that he not only bought 200 shares of the Facebook IPO at the opening price of $38, but also bought 100 more after it dipped below $30. He's sticking by the social media behemoth, not because he has faith in it as advertising platform, but because he understands why Facebook is not friends with the Madison Avenue establishment.


Occupy Wall Street, Defining Your Brand, and Storytelling

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As the Occupy Wall Street movement starting to fade with the public still confused as to exactly what their story exactly was, many lessons can be learned from their efforts to change the world and why their movement never really gained traction. Could it have been because they were letting others define who they were and what their message was?

Kirk Cheyfitz - Story Worldwide CEO

This is the Year of Original Content

Story’s CEO Kirk Cheyfitz joined Jim Blasingame on the Small Business Advocate Show to discuss content creation and why everyone in business is in the content business. The better you get at it, he argues, the bigger your business will get.