5 Lessons of Effective Editing for Viral Success

An interesting insight into what makes social content effective has emerged, or at least made itself more visible, in the past year or so. Content is king, but editing may be the queen who’s actually running the castle.

Our traditionally analog means of consuming media—television, newspaper, radio, outdoor—are quickly being replaced by digital means. We supplement TV watching with our iPads, get our news in near real time from Twitter, and share life’s moments in an instant on Facebook. Other technologies have allowed fast and easy creation and curating of content, like Pinterest, Vine, Storify, and even something as simple as an Instagram hashtag.


8 Traits of Successful Viral Videos

Making a viral video is just like that carnival game where you throw the whiffle ball into the big basket. It looks easy, but when you try it, it’s surprisingly tough. Then you fork over more money to try again because your girlfriend is obviously disappointed in you. After three more misses your now ex-girlfriend has left you and you're wondering what went wrong.

Viral videos seem so easy to make. I mean, even Rachel Black made one! However, the reality is that virality is ever-elusive. There’s no single equation. You can’t buy it anywhere. No internet marketer/video editor, no matter what they tell you, has the one formula to guarantee viral success. It’s not like six pack abs—those are sought after but there’s a clear formula. Eat well. Exercise often. That’s it. That’s the formula. You heard it here first. Just look at my abs as proof (please don’t).


Is This Real Life? The Value in Live Branded Events

Last week, Times Square, the heart of New York City, was turned into the three-dimensional world of none other than the block-breaking, coin-jacking, princess-saving Super Mario himself. The iconic video game was brought to life allowing fans to play within Mario's 3D world, jumping on trampolines and sporting moustaches to celebrate the release of Super Mario 3D Land for the Nintendo 3Ds. It seems quite unique, but is it post-advertising?


Three Secrets to Successful Branded Viral Marketing

Like the search for the Holy Grail, viral marketing success has been an elusive treasure. While we see a new wave of viral content every day, there’s no clear path toward creating the next big thing. If there were, I’d be teaching my cat ninja skills (maybe I already am) and filming my twin babies talking to each other while watching the money pour in.

As difficult as it is to create viral media, it’s even harder when it’s branded. Audiences typically wouldn’t dare be caught propagating viral content produced by a brand. It’s sort of like inviting your parents to your party: They may be perfectly fine people with a great sense of humor, but just the fact that they’re, well, parents makes them inherently uncool. So what's a brand to do?


This Video Will Break Your Heart, but is it Effective Brand Storytelling?

A recent video came across my Twitter stream that had me thinking about effective storytelling in advertising. The Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children created a shocking, emotional, and heart-wrenching video for their summer fundraising campaign entitled "I Can't Wait To Grow Up." It's narrated by a 7 year-old boy while he is simultaneously being beaten by a man whose face is never seen.
Game of Thrones - Stark Family Crest

HBO’s Brilliant Sensory Marketing for “Game of Thrones”

Debuting a new television series is hard enough. But when the new show requires viewers to familiarize themselves with a mythical land, dozens upon dozens of characters, intricate maps, and confusing power struggles, it's a steep marketing hill to climb. HBO's Game of Thrones, which premiered last Sunday, is such a show in that it asks viewers to embrace the complex world of Westeros. The biggest challenge? Getting potential fans up to speed. Instead of relying on the usual advertising conventions of television commercials, print ads, and billboards, HBO thought outside — and inside — the box.

Luxury Brands and Old School Viral Marketing

An article in last weekend's Financial Times showcasing an auction of antique designer dresses and accessories includes the sub-headline “Provenance is the most enticing factor." Kerry Taylor Auctions' "Passion for Fashion" in London on December 8th included an Audrey Hepburn collection, and interest was high: The black lace Givenchy cocktail dress Hepburn wore in How to Steal a Million fetched £60,000, more than three times what was estimated.