Why Celebrity Ads Fail

According to a new infographic from Crowdtap, “consumers trust recommendations from peers over all other forms of advertising.”

That’s right. Earned media—a suggestion from his neighbor, his college buddy or even his dentist’s cousin—will influence Mr. Consumer more than  a high-budget television, print or online banner ad. This is echoed by another recent study, this one by Nielsen, which also found that consumers trust online opinions (read: those of complete strangers) more than they trust any other form of editorial content, ads or sponsorships (and second only to recommendations from people they know). The full results below:


Brand Sincerity

Why do I wince every time I see George Clooney advertise a coffee machine? Nespresso’s latest advertising campaign, "What Else?" features Clooney in an interactive short-film. The campaign is well conceived, humorous, has high production values, involves the viewer and has storytelling at its heart. In truth, it’s so polished they almost pull it off.