The distention of consumers altered Coke, Gap, and Dominos in 2011

2011: The Year Consumers Took Over Brands

Out: brands barking at consumers.

In: consumers taking control.

From Coke’s recent cancelation of its white Christmas cans to Gap reverting back to its signature logo, 2011 seemed to be the year of empowered consumers. But we’ve been writing about this phenomenon for some time now. The proof is out there that we have major influence over what big corporations can and cannot do (just study the branding needs of Occupy Wall Street for inspiration). So what could 2012 have in store for us?

Gap Facebook Free Jeans Deal

Gap and Facebook Deal Leaves Customers Bewildered

On the heels of a logo switcharoo that set the internet ablaze, Gap recently caused a commotion in the location-based marketing world with a campaign to give away 10,000 free pairs of jeans at U.S. Gap locations. Unfortunately, the commotion was coming from the thousands of annoyed customers on the wrong side of the geolocation/smartphone learning curve who were ultimately left puzzled and pantless.