Adopt or Die: The Anxiety of Checking In on Foursquare

I’m a social media early adopter. I should be, considering I write for a digital content marketing agency’s blog. I post photos on Instagram, share thought nuggets and articles on Twitter, argue on Facebook, capture looping slices of life on Vine (and now Instagram Video) and check-in using geolocation apps.

The manner in which I, along with millions of others, experience and share life’s moments is decidedly different from the way we did a mere decade ago. But that’s the way life goes, and technology is changing how we live on a daily basis.

However, if my recent trip to a local restaurant is any indication, merchants aren’t getting the message. Many of them are so slow to adapt that a simple redemption of a Foursquare perk can turn into a confusing, annoying, anxiety ridden encounter, inevitably resulting in customers being afraid to embrace the technologies intended to create a better, more rewarding experience. 

Mashable Follow

Mashable Tests Social Waters with “Follow”

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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and…Mashable?

In early February, albeit relatively quietly, the top website for news in social and digital media introduced Mashable Follow – a “social layer” that is the first big move in Mashable’s journey towards becoming a “true news community.”

Gap Facebook Free Jeans Deal

Gap and Facebook Deal Leaves Customers Bewildered

On the heels of a logo switcharoo that set the internet ablaze, Gap recently caused a commotion in the location-based marketing world with a campaign to give away 10,000 free pairs of jeans at U.S. Gap locations. Unfortunately, the commotion was coming from the thousands of annoyed customers on the wrong side of the geolocation/smartphone learning curve who were ultimately left puzzled and pantless.

Location-Based Marketers: Where Is Everybody?

Inquiring marketers want to know: Where are you? They’re fixated on location-based social networking as the next way to hook consumers. They’ve got platforms in place and cash in their wallets…so where the heck is everyone?