The Old Spice Guy is Back

The Old Spice Guy is Back, but Do We Still Care?

After a six-month hiatus, our favorite shirtless alpha-male with striking brown eyes and bulging pecs is back for Round 3, and just in time for the Super Bowl. The newest Old Spice campaign will tout their Fresh Collection (a line of deodorant, body spray and body wash). The commercial will be debuted on one lucky Superfan's social network feed before the Super Bowl. While the title character, portrayed by the dreamy Isaiah Mustafa, promises that these advertisements are as entertaining as the hilarious previous batches, I wonder - do we still care about the Old Spice Guy?

We Dare You to Sit Through Cisco’s Old Spice Rip-offs

Lordy, this is a rough one. Like an embarrassing mother misusing the latest hip catch phrase, tech giant Cisco and their note-for-note Old Spice imitation (…minus the laughs and wit, that is) could’ve been a meme-killer — if anyone had bothered to pay attention to it.

Old Spice’s Shirtless Isaiah Mustafa is Talking to You, and Only You

For anyone who thought deodorant and body-wash marketing was nothing but lather, rinse, and repeat, Old Spice is proving, yet again, that there's much more to it with the shining genius that is the Old Spice Man—a soaped up slice of comical manliness that went viral and has now evolved into a masterful multi-channel juggernaut of success. For all the single ladies who were convinced that the Old Spice Guy's "tickets to that thing you like"-cum-diamonds were just for them, well, now they are. The viral ad is now personalized!