4 Great Ways to Leverage User-Generated Content

Great user-generated content (UGC) should not exist in a vacuum—it should be reused, when and where appropriate, to bring color and authenticity to a brand’s marketing.

As brands expand their social-media footprints, many have also (smartly) placed more emphasis on engaging with their fans. As a result, they’ve begun proudly featuring selected consumer contributions in print, TV and online advertising. Dedicated fans often create a gold mine of content that’s just waiting to be explored, and in due course, brands have begun to dip into this resource. It’s the easiest and most direct way to build relationships with customers, because their passion for their favorite brands makes them happy to respond and share their stories—messages that are infinitely more compelling than what the brand might say.

Here are some great ways to use freely made consumer-generated content from social channels to great effect.

Ten Brands Doing Post-Advertising Right

Ten Brands Doing Post-Advertising Right

We've spent a good deal of time at Post-Advertising pulling the curtain back on marketing and advertising practices that are on the wrong side of history. We try to expose those executions that desperately try to prolong the age when interruptive techniques and big budgets ruled the advertising landscape. We feel some sort of responsibility to reveal what's wrong with advertising today in order to teach our readers about the future of advertising.

However, it was time to take our badge off and pull out our sheet of gold stars (sorry, no monetary prize here) to reward those brands that are doing it right. These are the brands that have embraced Post-Advertising and focused their efforts on creating engaging content and igniting movements that spread.

Here are ten brands that stand beside us, ushering in the Post-Advertising age:

How are you keeping your Facebook content fresh?

5 Ways Community Managers Can Keep Content Fresh on Facebook

Any brand participating in social media (and we’ve reached the point where it is nearly every brand) faces the daunting task of creating and cultivating a community on a near-daily basis. With this constant requirement comes the need for a community manager to consistently provide unique and timely content that entertains, informs, and engages.

And there’s a reason the term “Community Manager” exists instead of “Facebook Page Writer.” Social media provides a place where communities of people with common interests can congregate, and its up to the Community Manager to keep those groups alive and flourishing. For a week, it’s no problem. After a month, you’re still doing fine. But what happens after a year? Two years? How can community managers keep their fans engaged over the long haul?


Chobani Embraces Digital Storytelling with Real Love Stories

Greek yogurt has quickly become the red bottom stiletto of the dairy world. It’s suddenly “cool” to be seen eating this thick, creamy yogurt, and brands are eager to capitalize on this new-found caché. Chobani is perhaps doing it better than anyone by allowing yogurt fans to speak for themselves.